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The Clipper+

Clipper+ is an upgraded digital Nursecall System which has all of the features expected from a modern digital Nursecall System.

The Display Units have a Liquid Crystal Display which clearly identifies the name and number of the calling room as well as the level of call and the zone/area. All addresses are shown in clear alpha-numeric text. The Display Unit also features a highly visible alert bezel which attracts attention when the unit is set in silent mode.

The Call Unit has multiple call levels and has an infra-red receiver which allows calls from wireless neck pendants. There is a “staff presence” mode which logs the time at which the member of staff arrives and leaves. There is an in-room sounder which is active in “presence” mode to alert staff if there are other calls on the system.

The Clipper+ also incorporates an assistive technology input to allow bed-exit sensors, epilepsy sensors etc to be quickly and easily fitted. Clipper+ has a comprehensive call management package with a real-time dashboard which notifies Managers of all of the critical data including average response times to call, longest response to a call and busiest zone.

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