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ENS has designed, manufactured and supplied Nursecall Systems for the past 25 years.

 We have now supplied in excess of 3500 Care Communication Systems.

The experience that we have gained has enabled us to supply a range of Nursecall Systems that meet all budgets and performance specifications. We have continuously researched and developed new features to allow our resellers to not only benefit from a comprehensive range of Nursecall but also to integrate our system with third party equipment.

The ENS Team brings a host of experience which ranges from system design and manufacture, software development and integration and the all important knowledge of what our market place requires. Our Clipper range integrates with many of the world leading telecommunication systems allowing our resellers to offer a one-stop shop for Nursecall, Communications and Critical Call Messaging over both WiFi and DECT IP Networks.

ENS has supplied thousands of Nursecall Systems and is now looking to form strategic partnerships with professional Nursecall and Telecommunication Dealers worldwide.

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